Grow your brain

I get my inspiration anywhere; here’s one: I saw a water spout and offered it to my daughter… she was annoyed and blurted, Dad here you go, I am gonna make your brain grow!! 😄 

Black Eye

Yesterday, my daughter and one of my sons went to the pet store to buy some fish food and an aquarium light. The light was expensive so we opted to try it online instead. But we bought two more cute plecostomus. On our way home, they were talking about genetics. My 7th and 8th graders … More Black Eye

What size?

I went to Panera Bread this morning and i said, ‘Can i have a coffee and banana pls?’ (there is only one banana left). She said, ‘What size?’, I said ‘Long…’ i thought she’s asking for the banana, then i realized she’s asking for the coffee… she giggled. – WalrUS!


My daughter smelled what i am cooking. She said, ‘Uy dad, you’re cooking steak?!’ I said, ‘I am cooking ‘misteak’!’ She laughed out loud!!!

Laughter everywhere…

— Double collocation! — Last month, I went to a NASA meeting in College Park, MD. Early adopters of a new satellite system for soil moisture were gathered to discuss benchmarking this satellite data’s applications. I happened to work on agricultural productivity/food security. Our first early adopter discussant was from NASA-GSFC. Our work are very … More Laughter everywhere…