Antonio Luna, an arrogant townmate, even in this modern era… No respect for senior citizens, OneT-but-no-D!? Farce crosshair, double crosser…Tsk!

She was listed LAST and then LEFT behind. Tell me what kind of character is that? ¬†Tsk! You don’t only know I was her patrolman, her sergeant, her scout ranger, her SAF, her assassin!… I faced them all. I took them all. Their weapons did not have any effect at all coz their bolos are made of plastics – hollow, and their wisdom is raw, but MALEFICENT’S¬†DECEITFUL HEART TOOK ME DOWN. Her cytotoxic¬†venom¬†melted this¬†brave heart.¬†I wept.¬†I left.


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