Calm before the storm…

— Adventure at Detroit Metro, July 14, 2015 —

It was the last day of my sister-in-law’s vacation here at Okemos. So, i filed a vacation leave so i can stay home and be able to send her to the airport, with my family as entourage. The weather was gloomy. As always, i wanted to leave early. But we left later as i had expected. Our schedule with Michigan Flyer (doesn’t fly, remember?) was 12:15 PM. Because the road was wet, I could not drive above the speed limit. To play safe, I dropped them first at the Marriot along Albert Avenue at East Lansing (MF’s terminal) before i went to find a parking space. I could have used that extra 15 minutes! When you are rushing, you tend to commit mistakes. I mistook my turn while trying to get to the other side of the road, so i needed to go around the blocks, and did that two times! Eventually, I used all my buffer time just for looking for a parking spot at the MSU garage nearby. To make matters worst, i needed to walk back to MF’s terminal. I loss hope, so i just took my time walking – my wife told me i was walking like a duck! My daughter’s quick thinking saved the day, she asked her mom to tell the driver to wait. It was 12:25 PM and the bus was still there, waiting. The driver pressed his horn to signal me run. It was raining, i ran.
We arrived at Detroit Metro two hours later. At the airport, we had an hour to spare. So as usual, the kids brought out their phones and played. They even brought their playing cards and played what they called ‘BS’. I did not join. I just stayed there at the corner, sipping my cola. Occasionally, i looked at my computer to check on the news. All was happy. An hour had passed and it’s time to say our goodbyes, picture there, picture there, picture there… As usual, it was emotional, but nobody cried… After my sister-in-law passed through the security, my wife overheard that Spirit 188 bound for La Guardia, NY was cancelled. Was CANCELLED! My sister-in-law was not aware as she continued to her boarding gate. The weather in NY was bad that the ATO cancelled the flight. That was the last flight for Spirit Airlines and she needed to catch her Cathay flight from JFK to Vancouver that night! I composed myself and thought of a quick solution. I searched for any available Delta flights to LGA. I found one leaving at 5:25 PM. I thought she can still make her flight from JFK if i get that one. My decade of work at Columbia afforded me to Jetset for a while. I got some Sky Miles to spare. I bought the ticket for $5.60! Of course, redeeming 35,000 miles of my savings. Now, we have to go by bus to Macnamara terminal where Delta operates. She took that flight.

On our way home, on-board the Michigan Flyer, my wife was troubled. I was troubled. When my emotions are not right, friction arises between us. It was not a good night. I could not sleep that night because i was waiting for my sister-in-law’s Facebook update that she arrived in Vancouver. She is really particular about those stuff. But i did not get any news. Morning came, and i asked my daughter to ask my wife if my sister-in-law was able to get her JFK flight. I learned that her Delta flight was delayed twice, and flew two hours later. She arrived at JFK on the dot, but her Cathay flight was also delayed for an hour. So, she was able to fly back to Vancouver. The good book says, all things work together for good to them that loves the Lord. My sister-in-law believes that, i believe that too, but we have to be able to act, be prepared and willing to be used as a vessel. That day, i was a vessel. I tried my best to help because that was the right thing to do.

Yesterday, i learned that Spirit Airlines are reimbursing her ticket, they don’t usually do that… they made an exception!  – WalrUS!


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