East Lansing, Michigan way…

Have a good ‘rest of your day’…

Having immersed in the NY culture for a decade, i am sort of a culture-shocked in my new home. My first three months at my new work place i heard salutations like Good Monday WalrUS!, Good Tuesday WalrUS!… Good Friday WalrUS! When we came house-hunting i was coughing in the bus they called Michigan Flyer (i can attest, it does not fly though!) because my allergy is so bad this year, a lady seated next to me asked, ‘Do you want a Ricola for that?’ She noticed my awe, and surprised reaction. I quipped, ‘Yes please, thank you’. In NY, you don’t do that! They might even tip you to authorities. Yesterday, i needed to rush to the bank to get some dough. Blue, our Subaru, is arriving from NY on a small rig and i needed to get some Benjamins for the COD. After completing my transaction, i said ‘Thank you’ to the lady teller. She answered ‘Welcome. Have a good REST OF YOUR DAY’… weird, but the feeling is right. Unlike in NY wherein i needed to grow my horn to get respect, in this new place, i now call home, i felt i can open up, and let off my guard a little bit, trim that horn… and grow my beard longer instead! -WalrUS!


2 thoughts on “East Lansing, Michigan way…

    1. yeah, it’s a statistical distribution, although skewed towards the good ones, there is another tail that contains other ‘sample’, if you know what i mean. i am sorry East Lansing!


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