Dinner at Blue Tractor Barbecue, Traverse City, MI


As we sit by the table waiting for the waitress, I challenged my eldest son to get her name. I looked at my wife and she seemed to disapprove. It was our first dinner at Traverse City, MI, at Blue Tractor Barbecue. I ordered the combo BBQ. The rest of the family ordered really good food, and then when my second son’s turn, he said, ‘I wanna have chicken with waffle, a pound of chicken wings, and… that’s it!’ I looked at the waitress and asked her, ‘Do you have “that’s it” in your menu?’. She laughed! It’s different, she didn’t introduce her name before she gave us the menu, so i have to get to work. It’s this time of the year that they are celebrating their annual festival. My sister-in-law asked, ‘What’s the National Cherry Festival all about?’. She answered, ‘We produce a lot of cherries here’. Then i saw a window of opportunity. I said, ‘I guess, Cherry is also your name’. She returned ‘Unfortunately not’, then she left to submit our orders. The wait was long, that we became really really hungry. The food came and it was worth the wait. Nice food. My order was not the best, i would exchange it with a pound of buffalo wings, which my eldest son ordered on the sides. The waitress came to check on us, she asked, ‘How’s the food?’. I answered, ‘Excellent!’. My second son said, ‘Perfect!’ Looking at the waitress, i told her, ‘See how good the food is?, he is difficult to please’, pointing at my second son. She countered, ‘Let me know how to please you’. I laughed. I promised my eldest son to get her name, and most of all, show him how to do it. I complimented how good the food really is, and i did my magic (my eldest son called it sweet talk), then the moment of truth, if i still got it. I looked at her and said, ‘You said Cherry is not your name?’ She answered, ‘Yes, Cherry is not my name’, then i followed, ‘And what is it?, she answered, ‘My name is Hanna’… I shook her hand… i was wondering what my wife was thinking that time. Then she left. I looked at my eldest son and he was smiling as if saying… you’re the man dad, you are the man…. and i said, ‘See?’ He answered, ‘Dad, you are a sweet talker, and compared to me, YOU ARE SEASONED’ with his conceding look, the first time i saw him really believing on my abilities. The food was great, the service was great, the evening was great… the bill was also great, so was the tip! Then i said, ‘Do you want me to get her number? Everybody said, ‘NO!’ — WalrUS!


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