lousy jokes…

Superfly, foot-ball

Yesterday afternoon, i went moonlighting with my boys, driving around the blocks without a real destination. We passed by the Meridian Crossing and saw a sign – ‘Blind Cleaning and Repair’ i thought it was a good material for my projects so i asked my eldest son to take a photo of it. I posted it for a while, but i realized it’s not funny at all, so i deleted it. We drove aimlessly until we reached Dick’s Sporting Goods, my eldest son had a disgusting joke about it that i cannot mention it here. We disembarked, and while we were walking towards the store, my second son wanted to try his chops. His brother told him ‘You have to wear to fly’, he’s bragging about his outfits. My segundo answered back ‘You’re wearing a superfly!’ He’s talking about his brother’s Nike superfly. Looking at me, he said ‘My punchline are dope dad!’ I said, ‘It’s shallow but nice try’. Inside the store, we fetched a football, my kids including my girl play ‘catch’ in our backyard almost everyday since they moved in. As i am paying for the merchandise, i told the lady teller, ‘Can we just buy the foot, not the ball’ then i laughed. She did not get it first because she’s distracted by the other dude. She said, ‘Come again – i want to laugh too’. So i repeated, ‘Can we just buy the foot not the ball’. She smiled and returned ‘Sorry we cannot do that’. I said, ‘The joke was lousy, right?’ She disagreed (white lie). On our way home, the police stopped us! In my mind, i said, somebody might have reported that … a lousy joker is on the loose! -WalrUS! and sons


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