Laughter everywhere…

Double collocation!

Last month, I went to a NASA meeting in College Park, MD. Early adopters of a new satellite system for soil moisture were gathered to discuss benchmarking this satellite data’s applications. I happened to work on agricultural productivity/food security. Our first early adopter discussant was from NASA-GSFC. Our work are very much related but his is classified to the category – agricultural drought. When you integrate satellite data and models, you must be able to estimate the errors coming from the data, in this case, soil moisture, and the model. Mr NASA guy proposed a method called triple collocation, wherein three geophysical variable/data, collocated, whose errors are known are used to estimate soil moisture measurement’s error. One of that geophysical data proposed is active radar data coming from the new satellite. The satellite’s scientist from JPL however noted that that data will not be available to the public, and i sensed a feeling of panic in Mr. NASA guy. Because without radar data, he cannot do triple collocation! I raised my hand and told him – you know what, i have a solution to your problem…. DOUBLE COLLOCATION! Laughters thundered in the meeting room. – WalrUS!


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