Humor up 30,000 feet!

Because they want to!

Flying to Detroit, i had the rare chance of sitting with my boys for almost 2 hours at 30,000 feet. As adolescents they are unpredictable. Anyway, we ate (noodles, rice, egg, yes, their mom packed rice and egg up in the air!), we giggled, we goofed, and did trivia. I saw the clouds and i asked my boys, why do the clouds float, they are made of water? I explained that the density of water is 1 gram/cu. cm, and even translated it to 1000 kg/cu. meter. My eldest son said, because they are gas dad! I shrugged my shoulder, yes, but i told him, they are really heavy, tons in weight! Then my second son butted out …. dad, they float… because they want to! Then they curled up like Patrick and Winter (our young hamsters) and slept. – WalrUS! and sons.


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