Do we have to follow instructions always?

My high school entrance exam, 1986

Not to carry my bench but true, i was the top of my class in elementary when we graduated that summer of 1986 in our barrio. I was so excited to go to high school because the school is located in town. Of course, i was looking forward for that daily allowance! I chose to go to this popular high school in our time. All of our neighbors are going there, even my cousins. But we have to have an Entrance Exam. I think, the top 5 would get full entrance scholarships, free education for the freshman year, and instant popularity, of course. So i went to sit in that exam. I was so confident because i tend to ace all my tests in my elementary school. So there i went. It was a different test than the ones i was used to. This question lingered in my mind, the only one i remembered until now that i am an old dude! I did not know the answer to the question, and the Instruction Said: ‘If you don’t know the answer, DRAW a bird.’ I thought, i will get a full score if i drew a bird! So, i DREW a bird!!! As expected, i did not make it to the top 5. I realized, those top 5’s are the best of the best in our town and neighboring town (several elementary schools) whom i have to compete with for the next four years of my life in high school – all ladies, by the way. Thankfully, for six years in elementary, i was the lead. So, although i did not get to the top 5 spots of the high school entrance exam, i got full scholarship for my freshman year still… Now, in hindsight, i always SMILE when i remember that INSTRUCTION, if you do not know the answer – draw a bird. I gladly drew a bird, and an ugly one at that! I am sure i did not get a mark for that. – WalrUS!


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